Business Funding Direct

Our Programs

Business Funding Direct offers various programs based on each specific circumstance :

0% APR 12-24 months with monthly payments.

Closing fee 15%, post-funding

Takes 2-6 weeks to fund if no credit repair needs to take place.

No BK last 4 years.

Preferably no more than 4 inquiries past 6 months but can get past that.

Whats need for pre-qualification:

Sign-up to download report with all 3 bureaus:


-Username and password with last 4 digits of SSN

-Downloaded credit report

Pre-approvals usually take 2-48 hours.

If qualified, stips needed to get to work:


Power of attorney notarized

Scan/snapshot both sides of drivers license

Scan/snapshot both sides of social security card

Utility bill

 *****Other Programs Available including Real estate Private money and Merchant cash advances****

$ Traditional Cash Advance : Our standard program which requires split funding through one of our many processing partners or setting up a lockbox account if the processor is not a partner of BFD and cannot be changed.

$ Bank only ACH Programs : Fixed daily payment program for merchants who do not accept credit cards.

$ Line of Credit Program : A merchant is approved for a dollar amount which can be funded in fixed installments or drawn upon by the merchant as needed.

$ Hybrid Cash Advance - Similar to a Traditional Cash Advance however repayment is taken as a combination of a percentage of credit card processing plus a daily ACH.

$ Premier Programs : For "better qualified" merchants, these options allow either lower factors or longer payback time periods.

$ Starter Cash Advance : For merchants who do not qualify for other programs, This allows them to take smaller advances & build lender confidence.

$ Bank only ACH Starter Program - Fixed daily payment program for merchants who do not qualify for Regular ACH Program.

$ Canada Cash Advances : All of the above programs can be funded in Ontario, Canada.

Advance Type – Bank Only ACH
Payments can be fixed or based on 
Daily Deposit Amount
NSF - 5 Maximum per Month
- Bank
$15K & 6 Deposits Monthly Minimum
Credit Profile - 500 Fico 
15- 40% of Monthly Deposits 
Credit Facility - Up to $1MM 
Time in Biz - 6 Month Minimum 
Bankruptcies and Foreclosures ok 
Renewal Eligibility – when 70% of 
balance is paid 
Restricted Industries - None

Web Hosting Companies